Carpet Cleaning

We offer hot water steam extraction of carpet cleaning. We have found in the 34 years of experience in the cleaning industry, hot water steam extraction carpet cleaning is truly the most effective form of carpet cleaning. While there are other methods that can be effective in certain situations, the steam cleaning method truly is the most superior across the board. Extraction of the cleaning solution and soil, leaves little residue and no pile damage. Recommended for all carpet types, this method is most effective we performed by a professional using an external hot water extraction unit. A rotary steam extraction machine can also be used in steam carpet cleaning. We use an RX20 rotary steam extractor. This method can be very effective in removing heavy soil and can also help to restore the pile/nap of the carpet. We have had great success for restoration cleaning of heavily soiled carpets with the RX20 rotary steam extractor. We do our very best to get the maximum amount of clean with the least amount of chemical. And we strive to leave the carpets as dry to the touch as possible. We also offer a complimentary floor fan for the day, to advance the drying process.

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