Carpet Odor Neutralization and Deodorization

Approximately 63% of households have some type of pet in them which is over 70 million homes. It isn’t always possible to be at home with them and even if you have designated areas where the pets are to do their business, you will find surprises. However, it doesn’t have to mean that your carpet is ruined and that you have to replace it. It is however, very important that you neutralize pet stains right away. Pet urine, vomit and diarrhea are all highly acidic and if left unchecked in the carpet, can serve to cause permanent discoloration to the surface of the carpet as well as damage to the pad and subfloor. The carpets are then contaminated and are certainly an unhealthy living environment. The way to solve the problem is by using a natural enzyme neutralizer as soon as it is detected. Your local pet store should carry pet odor neutralizers that are natural enzyme based. We will carefully evaluate the depth of the problem and then work from there. We will only use the products necessary to take care of the problem. We don’t use anything that will mask the problem. The products that we offer are safe and will bring a high success rate of removal of the urine and neutralize the odors. When we come in to clean it all up, we use the very best equipment. We have a hydrosensor probe and UV lighting when needed that allows us to find those spots you thought you cleaned but that traces of oily urine salts remain in. We neutralize and extract the odors instead of simply masking them. At the same time we can offer you all of these benefits without damaging your carpets. In fact, we can help to restore them as close to new as possible. You can feel great in your home again. It can be embarrassing to have company over and see those pet stains or pet smell. Since most of us don’t want to get rid of our pets either- this is the best alternative. In the most severe cases it may be necessary for the padding under the back of the carpet to be replaced and sometimes even bleaching and sealing the subflooring. But taking care of it early on will prevent big problems for you later on.

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