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Care and Maintenance Tips – Be Quick When It Comes to Stain Removal – No carpet is stain proof. However, carpets treated to be stain resistant give you time to act. Remember, with spot and stain removal, speed is of the essence. After a stain or spill occurs, immediately scoop up solids and blot liquids as quickly as possible. Absorb as much liquid as possible with a paper towel, etc., replacing the towel as it becomes saturated. Never use a scrubbing motion — blot instead to prevent the carpet surface from fuzzing.

Stain Treatment – For effective spot cleaning, we recommend warm water on a clean rinsed/wrung out towel. Blot the area, checking your towel for soil removal and turning it to a clean area, repeat the process. For difficult spots, please feel free to call us for advice. While carpet spot cleaners are available at most stores, we find that our customers tend to overuse the cleaners and can cause permanent damage to their carpet. It’s best to give us a call and we’ll advise for free.

Cleaning and Vacuuming Preserve Your Carpet Investment – Karastan and other high quality craftsmanship is so valued, that some of our cleaning products have been passed down through carpet fiber generations. The key to maintaining the beauty of carpeting, is preservation and care. Proper carpet care extends the life and beauty of your carpet and protects your investment. So clean your carpet regularly (1-2 times per year), and vacuum it frequently. A good upright vacuum with a rolling bar brush will help lift soil from your carpet, extending the life, nap and beauty of your carpet. Why Cleaning Is So Important-Vacuuming removes most of the dry soil, but your carpet is exposed to other tough characters: the oily soil of cooking vapors, air pollution, and grime tracked in from the street. These other types of soil can build up on carpet fibers and gradually, over time, dull the look of delicate pastel colors. The color isn’t lost; it’s just hidden under a dirty film. 
 But that’s not the whole story. If this type of soil is allowed to accumulate, it literally glues the pile fiber together, resulting in matting, packing, or ridges. Even more worrisome, it begins to attract and hold dry soil. So clean your carpet regularly — before the luster of your carpet becomes dull looking and built – up soil becomes gummy and difficult to remove. Keep your carpet healthy and beautiful so it can give you years of enjoyment.
Vacuuming Tips Even in ordinary use, carpets receive a lot of abuse — pounding feet and pet paws; dirt, grit, and dust tramped in from the outdoors; oily cooking vapors; and spills of all descriptions. Frequent vacuuming with a good machine is your first defense — you can remove dry soils and prevent them from building up and damaging your carpet. Here are some effective vacuuming tips: In carpets with looped textures, vacuum with suction only to avoid damaging the loops. Up to three passes of the machine work well for light soiling, while five to seven passes are necessary for heavily soiled areas.
For rooms with light traffic, vacuum the traffic lanes twice weekly and the entire area once a week. 
For areas of heavier traffic, vacuum the traffic lanes daily and the entire area twice weekly.

Make sure your vacuum’s belt is in good condition and that the beater brush actually rotates when in contact with the carpet. Height adjustment is correct when the beater brush contacts the pile enough to lightly vibrate the carpet several inches away from the machine, but not enough to cause a significant slowing of the motor.
For better equipment efficiency, never allow the soil bag to become over half full.
Vacuum across the traffic pattern occasionally, rather than in the traffic direction, to prevent matting.

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