Untreated stone can stain very easily. Treating these stains can be expensive and sometimes not even possible. To eliminate or reduce the possibility of staining it is essential that the stone be properly protected with a good quality impregnator or penetrating sealer. To limit the possibility of staining, have your stone floors treated. We recommend that you seal your floors should every 1 to 2 years (depending on use). An impregnator is a chemical that penetrates the stone and helps to repel water, dye, dirt, and other substances from causing a stain. Since the impregnator penetrates the stone (rather than coating it like wax) it allows the stone to “breathe”. Impregnators do not offer 100% protection from staining. If enough of a substance is left on the tile long enough, it will penetrate even if the stone has been treated. Particularly oil and solvent based substances. We only use V.O.C. Compliant water based sealers. With regular cleaning and sealing of your floors, they will look beautiful for many years.

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